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Am o comanda /highlight id. E o comanda pentru Vips. Cand o activez culorile de la nume sunt rosii/galbene pe rand..

Comanda este doar pentru Vips si vreau s-o fac si pentru Admini.

Cum fac sa fie si pentru admini ?

Aici comanda:



#pragma unused params



    if(!strlen(params)) return

SendClientMessage(playerid, LIGHTBLUE2, "Usage: /highlight [PlayerID]") &&

SendClientMessage(playerid, orange, "Function: Will Highlight the specified player! (Blinking)");

    new player1;

new playername[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];

new string[128];

    player1 = strval(params);

if(IsPlayerConnected(player1) && player1 != INVALID_PLAYER_ID)


GetPlayerName(player1, playername, sizeof(playername));

    if(AccInfo[player1][blip] == 0) {

AccInfo[player1][pColour] = GetPlayerColor(player1);

AccInfo[player1][blip] = 1;

BlipTimer[player1] = SetTimerEx("HighLight", 1000, 1, "i", player1);

format(string,sizeof(string),"|- You have Highlighted %s's marker -|", playername);




KillTimer( BlipTimer[player1]);

AccInfo[player1][blip] = 0;

SetPlayerColor(player1, AccInfo[player1][pColour]);

format(string,sizeof(string),"|- You have Stopped Highlighting %s's marker -|", playername);


return SendClientMessage(playerid,yellow,string);


else return ErrorMessages(playerid, 2);


else return ErrorMessages(playerid, 1);



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in loc de  if(IsPlayerVipMember(playerid)) poti sa pui  if(IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) ( daca esti logat cu /rcon login pass ) sauu pui tu ce variabila ai ! if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] >= x) sau cum ai tu .. :)

Cred k este vorba mai mult  de un FS, de obicei modurile GF nu se fac cu VIP, acuma nu stiu sigur. Poate sa aiba si IsPlayerAdminMember mai bine sa ne posteze o cumanda de admin


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