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va rog frumos ma ajutati



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Zh3r0, arde-i si lui un warn. :]



-faceti topicuri in care sa cereti gamemod-uri,filterscript-uri,include-uri,plugin-uri,comenzi

-faceti topicuri in care sa cautati scripteri pentru serverele vostre,sa fim seriosi,fiecare are treburile lui

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    • By AlexCelTare
      stie cineva vreun fs sau cum sa fac sa nu se mai reseteze banii la playeri cand dau relog? va rog
    • By GamerulFOX
      Salut ! Cine ma poate ajuta cu o comanda care contorizeaza timp-ul player-ului ca atunci cand da /timecollect sa primeasca 25 000 money ! Timp-ul este de 15 minute ! Tin sa mentionez ca nu am o baza de date !
      #include <a_samp>
      #include <sscanf2>
      #include <fly>
      #include <streamer>
      #include <zcmd>
      #include <foreach>
    • By GamerulFOX
      Salut ! Cine ma poate ajuta cu erorile astea ? am folosit acest tutorial 

    • By Rby Robert
      Am un gamemode de la un prieten la care a lucrat el acum mi la dat mie sa lucrez eu pe el am facut ceea ce am stiu am dar ma bate ceva cand dau in /v nu imi apare despawn car ma poate ajuta cineva aici aveti comanda 
      CMD:v(playerid, params[])
          if(gPlayerLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Trebuie sa te loghezi prima data.");
          if(VehiclesCount(playerid) == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Nu ai vehicule personale.");
          new str2[1500],str[200],id[50],vip[30],title[35],rainbow[30],premium[30], stage[30];
          strcat(str2, "Model\tStatus\tUpgrades\tID\n");
          for(new x = 0; x < PlayerInfo[playerid][pSlots]; x++) {
              if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarKey][x] != 0) {
                  new ide = veh_ArrayID(PlayerInfo[playerid][pCarKey][x]);
                  if((playerCarsSpawned[playerid][x]) == true ) format(id,50,"%d",CarInfo[ide][cInGameID]); else format(id,50,"{ffffff}not spawned");
                  if(CarInfo[ide][cVip] == true) format(vip, 30, "{FFE802}[VIP] "); else format(vip,3,"");
                  if(CarInfo[ide][cHaveRainBow] == true) format(rainbow, 30, "{791DD5}[R] "); else format(rainbow,3,"");
                  if(CarInfo[ide][cPremium] == 1) format(premium, 30, "{F28644}[P] "); else format(premium,3,"");
                  if(CarInfo[ide][cStage] > 0) format(stage, sizeof(stage), "{509AE4}[S: %d/3]", CarInfo[ide][cStage]); else format(stage,3,"");
                  format(str, 200, "%s\t%s\t%s%s%s%s \t%s\n",aVehicleNames[playerCarsModel[playerid][x] - 400],(playerCarsSpawned[playerid][x]) ? ("{33AA33}[spawned]") : ("{9D0000}[despawned]"),vip,rainbow,premium,stage,id);
              else strcat(str2,"\n[ empty ]\n");
          format(title,sizeof title,"Your vehicles [%d/%d]",VehiclesCount(playerid),PlayerInfo[playerid][pSlots]);
          ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,DIALOG_VEHSPAWN,DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS, title, str2, "Select","Exit");
          return 1;
    • By xVincenzo
      salut, vreau si eu o comanda de /updates daca se poate!
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