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GM B-HooD by SebyP4 v0.1


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// EDIT BY SEBYP4[! SebyP4#5957]:

1.Gamemode B-hood(HPQ) first edit(VenoMarius) second edit(SebyP4)
-Spawn mutat // DMV mutat // /buylicense mutat
-Bonus(tasta y) 
-Pet Name(reparat) Pet Skin
-Admin shop
-/rentbike la spawn(scoase bicicletele de la spawn din baza de date)
-Reparate stockurile de la rentcar(inainte nu scadeau)
-SVF(mai trebuie la towtruck si mafii).
-Adaugate Pickup-uri la joburi si text cu /startwork
-Am adaugat vaci la jobul de fermier.
-Glovo job
-Getgift mutat si schimbat putin // crates mutate 
-Un mic sistem de roll(nu este nimic special sau cv)(TREBUIE FACUT MAPPING!!!)
-Fish mutat
-Cont VipPlus (CALL id // SMS id // /ad timp injumatatit)
-VipPlus Car(teleport car deelay 1 ora // 2000hp) // Premium Fuel Car (200 fuel)
-Comenzi: /givepetp (petpoints) /giveadminpoints /givepetl (pet level) /addinfpremium ( nu sunt toate )
-Ticket SWS adaugat
-Acum daca-ti pui vip pe Infernus/Bullet se pune automat textul unde trebuie(la celelalte trebuie sa il aranjezi tu) + la infernus/bullet cand dai reset vipname, textul se pune fix unde trebuie.( mai trebuie testat si adaugat la mai multe vehicule)
-/shop reparat (inainte arata decat default shop, acum le arata pe toate inclusiv adminshop)
-Scos mapping fish vechi

-Questul este unul facut la caterinca, am vrut sa-l sterg dar il las acolo poate il modific.

Spawn+Bonus+Rentbike: https://imgur.com/a/vWttukH
Shop: https://imgur.com/a/3IEkSjP
Vehicles: https://imgur.com/a/EmcalpV
Glovo+vecile de la fermier: https://imgur.com/a/BjgfCDU
Pet: https://imgur.com/a/kDMP0Xs
SVF: https://imgur.com/a/cQPDUKz (doar la politie am facut poza, exista la toate inafara de mafii.)
GetGift // Roll:


5.Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3de808c7b9c94f6773d5afacca057568a25caee49e23cd32176181a65c3ac605?nocache=1


Edited by SebyP
Un bug la admin shop rezolvat
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58 minutes ago, R4zvyy said:

nu se merita, gamemode bazat doar pe mapping


Reborn 1,2

svf la toate factiuniile

Crate Texdraw schimbat // https://imgur.com/a/M4QnYK5

Inventory adaugat // https://imgur.com/a/M4QnYK5

Logo schimbat // https://imgur.com/a/M4QnYK5

adaugat un nou speedometer // https://imgur.com/a/M4QnYK5

/giveticket (done)

PremiumFuel ticket adaugat (done)

RushHour https://imgur.com/a/M4QnYK5 (done)

Textdraw cu intrebari la dmv (done)

urmeaza sa fac Legend account

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