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[Cerere Tutorial] Job


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    • By TheGodfather
      Salut, as vrea un tutorial pentru a face un sistem convoi pentru job-ul trucker, asemanator cu cel de pe b-hood daca se poate. Multumesc frumos
    • By music prodaction
      salut, cum as putea sa pun un chat tag la admini si la helperi
      (A) alin: salut - admin
      (h) alin: salut - helper
    • By TheGodfather
      Salut, as vrea ca dupa restart sa imi puna valoarea pe care a avut-o job goal-ul inainte de restart. Job goal-ul se salveaza bine in baza de date de fiecare data cand un player face job. Doar ca atunci cand pornesc server-ul din nou o sa aiba valoarea 0.
      function UpdateJobGoal(update) {
          ServerGoal += update;
          gString[0] = EOS;
          format(gString, 60, "~y~$%s ~w~/ ~r~$%s", ServerGoal >= MAXGOAL ? FormatNumbers(MAXGOAL) : FormatNumbers(ServerGoal), FormatNumbers(MAXGOAL));
          TextDrawSetString(GoalTD[0], gString);
          if(TerminatJobGoal != 1) {
              gQuery[0] = EOS;
              mysql_format(SQL, gQuery, sizeof(gQuery), "UPDATE `stuff` SET `goal`='%d'", ServerGoal);
              mysql_tquery(SQL, gQuery, "", "");
              if(ServerGoal >= MAXGOAL) {
                  foreach(Player, b) {
                      new amount, rand = random(30);
                      switch(rand) {
                          case 0..10: {
                              amount = RandomEx(50, 100);
                              format(gString, 100, "Job Goal: {FFFFFF}Congratulations! You received %d Gift Points because the job goal is full.", amount);
                              SCM(b, 0xF5C738FF, gString);
                              PlayerInfo[b][pGiftPoints] += amount;
                              if(PlayerInfo[b][pGiftPoints] >= 500) PlayerInfo[b][pGiftPoints] = 500;
                              Update(b, pGiftPointsx);        
                          case 11..19: {
                              amount = RandomEx(15, 30);
                              format(gString, 100, "Job Goal: {FFFFFF}Congratulations! You received %d Premium Points because the job goal is full.", amount);
                              SCM(b, 0xF5C738FF, gString);
                              PlayerInfo[b][pPremiumPoints] += amount;
                              Update(b, pPremiumPointsx);        
                          default: {
                              amount = RandomEx(200, 300);
                              format(gString, 100, "Job Goal: {FFFFFF}Congratulations! You received %d Q-Points because the job goal is full.", amount);
                              SCM(b, 0xF5C738FF, gString);
                              PlayerInfo[b][pHpoints] += amount;
                              Update(b, pHpointsx);
                  TerminatJobGoal = 1;
          return true;
      GoalTD[0] este definit astfel in Booter.inc
      GoalTD[0] = TextDrawCreate(320.281829, 435.829803, "~y~$0~w~ /~g~ $50.000.000");
      Goal-ul se salveaza aici: stuff - goal

    • By Rby Robert
      Salut. am bagat pe server niste filterscripts cu job-uri dar dupa ce le termin imi da banii fictiv gen imi apare in chat ca am primit imi creste suma in dreapta sus dar in /stats tot aceeasi bani ii am gen daca am 100$ tot 100$ am nu imi da bani de la job
              SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"Ati terminat de livrat coletele si ati castigat o suma de bani,felicitari!");
              GivePlayerMoney(playerid, 500000);
      Cam asa arata liniile unde ar trebuie sa dea bani
    • By sirvasy
      La cerinta lui asulkapa  am facut
      acest Job, sper sa va placa si voua
      nu am avut timp sa fac video, daca cineva face video sa-l posteze


      screenshot app
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s10.postimg.org/dfool9rh5/sa_mp_007.png
      picture share
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s2.postimg.org/4oemlh6cp/sa_mp_008.png
      how to take a screenshot on a pc
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s23.postimg.org/ukqiwym5n/sa_mp_009.png
      image hosting 15mb
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s22.postimg.org/tiqwrteup/sa_mp_010.png
      how do you print screen
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s2.postimg.org/9e4ka2xd5/sa_mp_011.png
      screenshot tools
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s22.postimg.org/6l452bkoh/sa_mp_012.png
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s24.postimg.org/c6axvt63p/sa_mp_013.png
      screen shot pc
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      picture uploading
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      20mb image hosting
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s17.postimg.org/xhadz93dr/sa_mp_016.png
      screen shot capture
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s22.postimg.org/hoj5u6gkx/sa_mp_017.png
      [img width=500 height=375]http://s24.postimg.org/w2bip3cit/sa_mp_018.png
      image hosting websites

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