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[Vand] Cont B-HOOD


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Salut, vand Cont pe B-Hood avand urmatoarele pe el :

Level: 59

Ore jucate:160

Detine:Cont Premium, Cont VIP, Cont Premium Plus , IPHONE, etc.

Avere : $ ( 6kkk ) 

Infernus Rainwbow, VIP, 200+ days.

BPoints 2600

Skill 6+ ( Skill Upgrade Fish , poti prinde 5 pesti ) .

Skin Premium ( 300k pe payday, 3 rp points pe payday, 60% job boost, etc ) 

Faction History: 4 factiuni: rank 3, rank 4, rank2, rank3 in 3 pasnice si 1 mafie.




               Pret: 100 de lei negociabil, accept Paysafecard doar.

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      Vând cont b-hood , lvl 90 . Ca mașini am turismo cu premium si VIP , bf Injecțion , mtb , 20 kk toți banii si 28 premium points , cont premium plus , 100k diriga si multe skinuri transcendente. Prețul este de 350 de lei 
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      Vand Cont b-hood, sms in privat pt detalii !
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