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new SecundeOn[MAX_PLAYERS];
public public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
        SetTimerEx("OreOn", (1000 * 60) * 60, true, "i", playerid);
        SetTimerEx("SecundeOn", 1000, true, "i", playerid);
    return 1;
forward OreOn(playerid);
public OreOn(playerid)
       OreOn[playerid] +=;

forward SecundeOn(playerid);
public SecundeOn(playerid)
      SecundeOn[playerid] +=;

sa mers? :huh:

wtf?I fucking then school??????fuck school :))))


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Guest PlayON


//Sus de tot in script. Dar inainte de #include <a_samp>









new zpData[ MAX_PLAYERS ][ P_ENUM_DATA ];

//Pune asta in interioru acestui callback.

public OnPlayerConnect( playerid )


    //Cu asta luam timpul total. Mai tarziu il divizam in Ore Minute si Secunde!

    zpData[ playerid ][ ConnTime]  = gettime( );

    return 1;


//Asta pune-l in josul scriptului, gamemodului.

//Cu ajutorul acestei functii calculezi secundele, minutele si orele

//petrecute pe server, defapt tot ce face e sa divida, imparta,

//inmulteasca variabila zpData[ playerid ][ ConnTime]

TotalGameTime(playerid, &h=0, &m=0, &s=0)


    zpData[ playerid ][ TotalTime ] = ( (gettime() - zpData[ playerid ][ ConnTime ]) + (zpData[ playerid ][ Hours ]*60*60) + (zpData[ playerid ][ Minutes ]*60) + (zpData[ playerid ][ Seconds ]) );

    h = floatround(zpData[ playerid ][ TotalTime ] / 3600, floatround_floor);

    m = floatround(zpData[ playerid ][ TotalTime ] / 60,  floatround_floor) % 60;

    s = floatround(zpData[ playerid ][ TotalTime ] % 60,  floatround_floor);

    return zpData[ playerid ][ TotalTime ];



//Aceasta este o comanda care se pune sub public OnPlayerCommandText

if ( !strcmp( cmdtext, "/stats" ) )


    //Cream variabile in care stocamecundele minutele si orele.

    new H, M, S;


    //Cu aceasta functie si algorithm gasim secundele minutele si orele si le stocam in H M S

    TotalGameTime( playerid, H, M, S );

    //Cream un string pe care-l formatam sa arate datele.

    new Str[ 256 ];

    //Formatam stringul cu datele H M S.

    format( Str, 256, "Ai stat pe server %d ore %d minute si %d secunde!", H, M, S );


    //Trimitem mesajul formatat jucatorului

    SendClientMessage( playerid, 0xFF00FFFF, Str );

    //Comanda a fost procesata, returnam 1.

    return 1;


//Ca sa salvezi faci la fel cum am facut la /stats

//doar ca vei folosi systemul tau de scriere/

//citire de fisiere.

Sper ca ti-a fost de ajutor!

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Imi da 5 erori spune ca zpada nu se defineste :| restu merge ok si /stats nu am probleme doar astea cu zpada !

error 010: invalid function or declaration

error 017: undefined symbol "zpData"

warning 215: expression has no effect

error 001: expected token: ";", but found "]"

error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero

fatal error 107: too many error messages on one line

Poftiti si o poza ! o7kgh2.jpg

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Guest PlayON

Imi da 5 erori spune ca zpada nu se defineste :| restu merge ok si /stats nu am probleme doar astea cu zpada !

Poftiti si o poza ! o7kgh2.jpg

AM ZIS DUPA #include <a_samp>

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