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Nu mai deschideti in pu*a mea servere de SA:MP !

Jucati-va pe cele care sunt !   Sunt suficiente !

Reguli de bun simt:

1. Nu faceti reclama unde nu trebuie !

2. Nu injurati ca la usa cortului !

3. Daca esti analfabeti, taci din gura !

4. Nu abuza de 'scuze', 'din greseala' !


My work ::: http://pastebin.com/VRNRcaAs

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La OnPlayerStateChange

[pawn]if(newstate == PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER || newstate == PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGER) // Atunci cand urca in masina, ca sofer sau pasager, porneste automat


        PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(playerid, "http://www.radioclubmix.ro/live.m3u");  // pui ce radio vrei tu, asta mi-a venit in minte

        return 1;



Si tot la OnPlayerStateChange

[pawn]if(oldstate == PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER || oldstate == PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGER) // cand cobori, se opreste



            return 1;


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