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"Eroare" foarte ciudata la pornire



Cand pornesc serverul se inchide consola imediat iar in server_log apare asta:


Loaded log file: "server_log.txt".


SA-MP Dedicated Server


v0.3x, ©2005-2013 SA-MP Team


[00:17:03] Server Plugins

[00:17:03] --------------

[00:17:03]  Loading plugin: mysql.dll

[00:17:03]  SA:MP MySQL Plugin 1.2.1 Loaded.

[00:17:03]  Loaded.

[00:17:03]  Loading plugin: streamer.dll

[00:17:03] MySQL: Query thread running. Thread safe: Yes.


*** Streamer Plugin v2.6.1 by Incognito loaded ***

[00:17:03]  Loaded.

[00:17:03]  Loading plugin: sscanf.dll


[00:17:03]  ===============================

[00:17:03]      sscanf plugin loaded.   

[00:17:03]          Version:  2.8.1       

[00:17:03]    © 2012 Alex "Y_Less" Cole 

[00:17:03]  ===============================

[00:17:03]  Loaded.

[00:17:03]  Loaded 3 plugins.


[00:17:03] Filterscripts

[00:17:03] ---------------

[00:17:03]  Loaded 0 filterscripts.


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Jmekeru77" post="146378" timestamp="1371876291"]

Uitate in server.cfg la linia a 3-a.

Daca iti scrie asa: rcon_password changeme e logic nu ai schimbat parola.

Schimbo incat sa pui o parola a ta: rcon_password TheBestSaMp

Sper ca te-am ajutat!

Nu mai apare asa,parola o aveam schimbata,acum apare asta si se inchide consola imediat :

[11:03:55] *** Audio Plugin: Started TCP server on port 7777

[11:03:55] *** Audio_SetPack: Audio pack set to "default_pack" (transferable and automated)

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