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  1. Scuze, dar nu am precizat asta. Eu primesc aceasta eroare la orice server pe care il pornesc.
  2. Salut, ma poate ajuta cineva cu aceasta eroare? Script[gamemodes/Pro-Gaming.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found" Folosesc windows 10 pro.
  3. Nu imi consuma bani atunci cand merg cu masina de la rent.
  4. YCMD:buybiz(playerid, params[], help) { new id, szQuery[256], newmoneys, moneys, string[256]; if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pBizz] != 255) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "Ai deja un biz! Foloseste /sellbiztostate pentru a-l vinde."); for(new b = 1; b < sizeof(BizzInfo); b++) { if(PlayerToPoint(2.0, playerid, BizzInfo[bEntranceX], BizzInfo[bEntranceY], BizzInfo[bEntranceZ]) && BizzInfo[bBuyPrice] != 0) { if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pLevel] < BizzInfo[bLevel]) { format(string, sizeof(string), "Ai nevoie de nivel %d pentru a cumpa
  5. Problema este ca eu cand ma inregistrez pe server e totul ok in stats dar cand dau relog eu vreau sa imi cumpar un biz si spune ca detin deja un biz.
  6. C:\Users\EDY\Desktop\GameMode Kingdom RPG\gamemodes\Kingdom.pwn(31197) : warning 217: loose indentation C:\Users\EDY\Desktop\GameMode Kingdom RPG\gamemodes\Kingdom.pwn(31198) : warning 217: loose indentation
  7. format(string, sizeof(string), "Name: %s (ID %d) | Playing Hours: %0.2f | Money: $%s | Bank: $%s | Phone: %d | Referral ID: %d ", GetNameEx(targetid), targetid, PlayerInfo[targetid][pConnectTime], FormatNumber(cash),FormatNumber(account), pnumber, PlayerInfo[targetid][pSQLID]); SCM(playerid, COLOR_WHITE,string); format(string, sizeof(string), "Level: %d | Respect Points: %d/%d | Next Level: $%s | Premium Account: %s | VIP Account: %s | Diamonds: {33FFFF}%d", level,exp,expamount,FormatNumber(costlevel),drank,vtext,PlayerInfo[targetid][pPremiumPoints]); SCM(playerid, COLOR_WHI
  8. Salut, am o problema la gamemode-ul burned cu bizz-urile, atunci cand ma inregistrez pe server e totul normal dar dupa ce dau relog imi apare in /stats ca detin biz 0 dar nu stiu ce are si ramane permanent ca detin biz 0.
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