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  1. am eu, momentan nu e in factiune da are pile peste tot pe b hood. astept mesaj aici
  2. Dovezi:https://imgur.com/a/J8jYoiN Detalii cont: Lvl51, fh cu multe factiuni, 50pp, 4.4kkk money, inf vip, 125 ore, skill 5 fish, detine VIP + premium account| Pret:100 lei paysafecard, neg in limita bunului simt.
  3. am eu, dau doar pe psf daca te intereseaza mesaj pm
  4. Vand domeniu.ro achizitionat saptamana trecuta, webhost valabil inca 3 saptamani, host valabil inca 3 saptamani, gm samp + panel . Astept oferte. www.new-generation.ro/forum Dovezi:https://imgur.com/a/Xa5Rur1
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