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  1. A reusit cineva sa compileze GamemMode-ul Bottles cu Sublime Text 3?
  2. Functia este folosita, am patit si eu acelasi lucru, si tot nu am gasit o probabila rezolvare, asa ca m-am lasat de burned.
  3. Ai pus dialogul pe enum daca nu e pe enum schimba id-ul la dialog #define DIALOG_BUYCAR 1241
  4. nu i asta, faza i ca am obiectele in LoadSVehicles, nu am idee ce ar putea avea
  5. problema gm burned cu sirenele la inf de politie, au disparut pur si simplu nu am idee ce sa fac, am rebagat mappu si tot nu merge. am dat update la stremer si degeaba
  6. da o poza de mai sus, de la functia de mai sus sau comanda sau ce e
  7. aici e facut pentru gm burned defineste asta new Text3D:scripter[MAX_PLAYERS]; la reset variables scripter[playerid] = Create3DTextLabel("", -1, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 50.0, 0, 0); la onplayerspawn Update3DTextLabelText(scripter[playerid], -1, ""); if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pVip] != 0) { DestroyDynamic3DTextLabel(vipLabel[playerid]); } if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] == 8) { Update3DTextLabelText(scripter[playerid], COLOR_LIGHTRED, "{FFFF00}Scripter"); Attach3DTextLabelToPlayer(scripter[playerid], playerid, 0.0, 0.0, 0.3); }
  8. foloseste asta daca nu o ai. function SendAdminMessage(color,const string[],level) { new text[180]; foreach(Player, i) { if(IsPlayerConnected(i) && IsPlayerLogged[i] == 1) { if(IsPlayerLogged[i] == 1) { if(PlayerInfo[i][pAdmin] >= level) { format(text, 256, string); SCM(i, color, text); } } } } printf("%s", string); return 1; }
  9. SendAdminMessage(COLOR_LIGHTRED, string, 1);
  10. iar, daca ai functia SendAdminMessage pune o in loc de SendClientMessage. SendClientMessage e pentru a trimite celui care acceseaza comanda.
  11. si foloseste stringu mai mic nu are nevoie de atat, foloseste la optimizare daca il pui mai mic, de 100 ar fi ok. stiam parca ca un rand e 142
  12. CMD:fly(playerid, params[]) { new string[180]; format(string, sizeof(string), "{FFFFFF}[{ad0000}AdmWarning{FFFFFF}]: %s switched to fly mode.", GetName(playerid)); SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, string); return 1; } trebuie facuta asa
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