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  1. CMD:taxi(playerid, params[]) { if(gPlayerLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "You need to log in first."); if(IsPlayerConnected(playerid)) { if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember] != 13) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "To call a taxi, use /service taxi."); new action[10], id, sendername[30], giveplayer[30], string[128], Float: X, Float: Y, Float: Z; if(sscanf(params, "s[10]u", action, id)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Syntax:{FFFFFF} /taxi [action] [id]"); if(strcmp(action,"accept",true) == 0) { if(TaxiFare[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTGREEN3, "You can't accept a call because you're not on duty."); if(TaxiCall[id] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "This player hasn't called for a taxi, or someone else accepted the call."); if(IsPlayerConnected(id)) { GetPlayerName(playerid, sendername, sizeof(sendername)); GetPlayerName(id, giveplayer, sizeof(giveplayer)); if(PlayerInfo[id][pLanguage] == 2) format(string, sizeof(string), "Taximetristul %s ti-a acceptat apelul. Asteapta taxiul aici.", sendername); else format(string, sizeof(string), "Taxi driver %s has accepted your call. Please wait here for the taxi.", sendername); SendClientMessage(id, COLOR_YELLOW, string); SS(id, COLOR_WHITE, "Daca nu mai ai nevoie de un taxi, foloseste /cancel taxi.", "If you don't need a taxi anymore, use /cancel taxi."); format(string, sizeof(string), "Taxi driver %s has accepted the call from %s. Distance: %.0fm.",sendername,giveplayer,GetDistanceBetweenPlayers(playerid, TaxiCall[id])); SendFamilyMessage(13, COLOR_CYAN, string); format(string, sizeof(string), "Checkpoint set on %s [%d].", giveplayer, id); SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_YELLOW, string); TaxiAccepted[playerid] = id; TaxiCall[id] = 0; GetPlayerPos(id, X, Y, Z); DisablePlayerCheckpoint(playerid); SetPlayerCheckpoint(playerid, X,Y,Z, 3.0); UsedFind[playerid] = 1; targetfind[playerid] = id; return 1; } else return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Player not connected."); } else if(strcmp(action,"cancel",true) == 0) { GetPlayerName(playerid, sendername, sizeof(sendername)); SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "You have canceled the taxi call!"); format(string, sizeof(string), "Taxi driver %s canceled your call.", sendername); SendClientMessage(TaxiAccepted[playerid], COLOR_YELLOW, string); TaxiAccepted[playerid] = -1; DisablePlayerCheckpoint(playerid); UsedFind[playerid] = 0; targetfind[playerid] = -1; } } return 1; } CMD:service(playerid, params[]) { if(gPlayerLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "You need to log in first."); if(IsPlayerConnected(playerid)) { new x_nr[256],string[300],sendername[30],medics,taxidrivers; if(sscanf(params, "s[256]",x_nr)) { SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Syntax:{FFFFFF} /service [item]"); SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "Available services: medic, taxi"); return 1; } if(strcmp(x_nr,"taxi",true) == 0) { if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember] == 13) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "You can't call a taxi because you're a taxi driver!"); foreach(new i : Player) { if(TaxiFare > 0) taxidrivers++; } if(taxidrivers == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_YELLOW, "There are no taxi drivers on duty at the moment."); GetPlayerName(playerid, sendername, sizeof(sendername)); foreach(new i : Player) { if(PlayerInfo[pMember] == 13 && TaxiFare > 0) { format(string, sizeof(string), "%s [%d] has called for a taxi. Distance: %.0fm.", sendername,playerid,GetDistanceBetweenPlayers(playerid, i)); SendClientMessage(i, COLOR_CYAN, string); } } SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "You have called for a taxi. Please wait here!"); TaxiCall[playerid] = 1; return 1; } } return 1; }
  2. in loc de new PlayerText:LoginPTD[MAX_PLAYERS][2]; pui PlayerText:LoginPTD[MAX_PLAYERS][3],
  3. Eu am pus in gmul meu textul tau si nu imi da nici o eroare, asa am pus : new PlayerText:logo[MAX_PLAYERS][2]; LoginPTD[playerid][0] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, 249.707031, 188.833358, "NUME: wNekiRo"); PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 0.400000, 1.600000); PlayerTextDrawTextSize(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 377.000000, 0.000000); PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 1); PlayerTextDrawColor(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], -1); PlayerTextDrawUseBox(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 1); PlayerTextDrawBoxColor(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 255); PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 0); PlayerTextDrawSetOutline(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 0); PlayerTextDrawBackgroundColor(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 255); PlayerTextDrawFont(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 1); PlayerTextDrawSetProportional(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 1); PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], 0); PlayerTextDrawSetSelectable(playerid, LoginPTD[playerid][0], true);
  4. Pune asa in loc de: new PlayerText: LoginPTD[2]; pui new PlayerText: LoginPTD[MAX_PLAYERS][2];
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