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  1. valivaly96's post in Sugestie vehicule personale was marked as the answer   
    pt optimizare ai putea face o variabila care sa creasca cand se spawneaza o masina a unui jucator/cumpara din ds/ ii seteaza adminul si sa scada cand jucatorul/adminul/ sau scriptul despawneaza masina. Si cand faci un for sa parcurgi enunul il faci asa  for(new i=0;i<variabilaDeMaiSus;i++) in loc de for(new i=0;i<MAX_VEHICLES;i++).
  2. valivaly96's post in Sistem anticheat admini was marked as the answer   
    Pai cand faci verificarile aferente pt anticheat pui conditia ca daca PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin]>=1 sa nu intre in bucla de verificare sau pui conditia  <1 si intra in bucla de verificare
  3. valivaly96's post in Ajutor Scripting was marked as the answer   
    Incearca gamemodul lui eddison
  4. valivaly96's post in Ajutor Server was marked as the answer   
    Du te la functia esti fondator si pune nuck ul tau il locul celui de acolo.
  5. valivaly96's post in Problema! was marked as the answer   
    Creaza o variabila globara InTrade[MAX_PLAYERS]
    la sellhouseto dupa if(GetPlayerCash(giveplayerid) < money) return SCM(playerid,COLOR_WHITE,"{FFB870}Acest jucator nu are acesti bani.");
    pui InTrade[playerid]=1;
    la sellhouse inainte de if(gPlayerLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Trebuie sa fii logat."); 
    pui if(InTrade[playerid]!=0) return SCM(playerid,COLOR_WHITE,"ai un trade activ); 
    dupa dute la comanda /accept si unde accepta casa pui InTrade[HouseOffer[playerid]] =0;
    In acelasi mod se fac si la bizz
  6. valivaly96's post in Problema... was marked as the answer   
    versiunea de plugin este diferita fata de cea de la include. Baga aceeasi versiune de plugin si include dupa recompilezi si solved
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