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Problema porti factiuni



Salut !

Am vazut tutoriale cu MoveObject sau Mutarea unui obiect la comanda/tasta, am facut exact cum este explcita acolo ( http://www.sa-mp.ro/forum/index.php/topic,1600.0.html ), dar poarta mi se roteste rau cand o misc(deschid). Am facut un mic filmulet ca sa va dati seama exact despre ce este vorba : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhl_TDYpjqI&context=C43c13ccADvjVQa1PpcFM505SVh5gZ2nUUIfNWi-VMR7nVZMGSb5s= . Sper sa ma puteti ajuta.

[move]Multumesc mult ![/move]

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@GunSkill - Am downloadat si am copiat toate cele 3 fisiere unde trebuie ( streamer.dll, streamer.so si streamer.inc ) si cand deschid serverul imi zice asa :

Loaded log file: "server_log.txt".

SA-MP Dedicated Server
v0.3d, (C)2005-2011 SA-MP Team

Server Plugins
 Loading plugin: sscanf


      sscanf plugin loaded.

   (c) 2009 Alex "Y_Less" Cole


 Loading plugin: streamer

*** Streamer Plugin v2.6 by Incognito loaded ***

 Loaded 2 plugins.

Started server on port: 7777, with maxplayers: 50 lanmode is ON.

  Loading filterscript 'ls_elevator.amx'...
  Loading filterscript 'antiflood.amx'...
  Loading filterscript 'antiflood-rate.amx'...
  Unable to load filterscript 'antiflood-rate.amx'.
  Loading filterscript 'Anti-join-flooding.amx'...
 Anti-join-flooding script loaded.
  Loading filterscript 'Clock.amx'...

 By War_Cry

  Loading filterscript 'TowCars.amx'...

 TowCars Filter Script v1.0 Loading...

TowCars Filter Script fully Loaded

  Loading filterscript 'sunglasses.amx'...


  Loading filterscript 'FS.amx'...
  Loading filterscript 'Pickup.amx'...
  Loading filterscript 'roleplayguide.amx'...

 WebTCF Roleplay Guide - Loaded

  Loaded 9 filterscripts.

*** Streamer Plugin: Include file version (0) does not match plugin version (0x2
6002) (script needs to be recompiled with the latest include file)
*** Streamer Plugin: Obsolete or invalid native found (script needs to be recomp
iled with the latest include file)
Script[gamemodes/just2playedit(7).amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is
not found"
Number of vehicle models: 0

Ce trebuie sa fac ? Am compilat si inca o data gm'ul.

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