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Salut spunetimi si mie ce este gresit aici?cand intru doar cu un nume imi spune ca trebuie sa bag nume_prenume, si cand bag nume_prenume tot imi da kick si zice sa schimb numele

[pawn]public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)


if(IsPlayerNPC(playerid)) return 1;

    LoggedTime[playerid] = 0;

    new string[256];

    gPlayerLogged[playerid] = 0;

    gAdminLogged[playerid] = 0;

    new plname[MAX_PLAYER_NAME],tmpvar;

GetPlayerName(playerid, plname, sizeof(plname));



SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_YELLOW2, "Immigration: Your name is not acceptable.");

SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Hint: your name must be in the format Firstname_Lastname.");

Kick(playerid); //yes, use Kick here because theres no data to save

return 1;


if(IsIPBanned(playerid)) {

    if((BanInfo[tmpvar][banInfoTS]-GetUnixTime())!=0) {

    SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_YELLOW2,"You are currently banned. Please wait for this to expire");

    SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_LIGHTRED,"If you feel this is a mistake post a appeal on our website");

    tmpvar=PlayerInfo[playerid][pRank]; //just a reused variable

    new numdays=(BanInfo[tmpvar][banInfoTS]-GetUnixTime())/86400;

    format(string,sizeof(string),"Your ban expires in %i day(s). Ban Reason: %s",numdays,BanInfo[tmpvar][banInfoReason]);//just reused variables


Kick(playerid); //don't ban because if it expires they will be banned..



PlayerInfo[playerid][pCalledTutSay]=0;//this must be outside initplayer



    foreach (Player, i)


    if(BlockPMPerson[playerid] == 1)


        BlockPMPerson[playerid] = 0;




Vreau sa fac sa fie doar un singur nume, nu nume_prenume.

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