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am nevoie de 2 comenzi



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    • By ItzGabi2k
      Nu imi merg comenzile:
      /shopinfo, /normalshop, /vipcars, extrapackshop
      YCMD:shopinfo(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 0; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:normalshop(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 1; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:vipcars(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 2; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:extrapackshop(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 3; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:shop(playerid, params[], help) {
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Comanda de /shop a fost schimbata:");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Shop Info:     /shopinfo");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Normal Shop: /normalshop");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}V.I.P Cars:  /vipcars");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Extra Packs: /extrapackshop");
          return true;
    • By Alex969
      #include <a_samp>
      #include <a_mysql>
      #include <streamer>
      #include <playerzone>
      #include <beaZone>
      #include <foreach>
      #include <sscanf2>
      #include <AutoAFK>
      #include <mSelection>
      #include <days>
      #include <a_http>
      #include <md5>
      #include <playerprogress>
      #include <YSI\y_hooks>
      #include <YSI\y_iterate>
      #include <YSI\y_commands>
      #include <YSI\y_master>
      #include <fly>
      #include <YSI\y_timers>
      C:\Users\alex\Downloads\Secret Gamemode\Secret Gamemode\gamemodes\secret.pwn(15) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "AutoAFK"
      Compilation aborted.Pawn compiler 3.2.3664              Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase
      1 Error.
      [Finished in 1.3s]
      Ce pot face sa rezolv eroarea asta?nu o pot rezolva deloc..
      M am uitat in folderul include de la compiler si am AutoAFK.inc ...
    • By xDaZz
      Salut, am venit aici deoarece am nevoie de un scripter pentru sv-ul meu de samp. Mai multe putem discuta in privat pe discord xDaZz#7777 sau pe instagram bogdann.aux. 
    • By CenzoR
      gmfrom0\gamemodes\from0.pwn(32) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "../modules/colorss.pwn"
      am aceasta eroare.. din ce cauza este? nu o pot rezolva deloc, ma poate ajuta cineva?
      m-am uitat si in folderul modules, nu gasesc niciun pwn cu colorss
    • By Tefyuu
      CMD:aduty(playerid, params[])
                      new type[25];
      28971 :        if(sscanf(params, "s[25]", type)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1,"Syntax: /aduty <on/off>");
              if(strcmp(type, "off", true) == 0)
      28979:                    SetPlayerArmour(playerid, 0); 
                          SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 100); 
                          SetPlayerSkin(playerid, 25); 
      28985:          SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_RED, "((AdmBot: Unul dintre administratori este acum off duty.))"); 
              else if(strcmp(type, "on", true) == 0)
                          GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, 38, 9999); 
                          SetPlayerArmour(playerid, 9999999); 
                          SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 9999999); 
                          SetPlayerSkin(playerid, 217); 
      29001:            SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_GREEN, "((AdmBot: Unul dintre administratori este acum on duty.))"); 
              SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "Eroare: Nu esti un Administrator.");
          return 1;
      in aceasta comanda primesc erorile astea 
      C:\Users\tefyuu\Desktop\burned.ro\gamemodes\wa-rpg.pwn(28971) : warning 217: loose indentation
      C:\Users\tefyuu\Desktop\burned.ro\gamemodes\wa-rpg.pwn(28979) : warning 217: loose indentation
      C:\Users\tefyuu\Desktop\burned.ro\gamemodes\wa-rpg.pwn(28985) : warning 217: loose indentation
      C:\Users\tefyuu\Desktop\burned.ro\gamemodes\wa-rpg.pwn(29001) : warning 217: loose indentation
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