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Dc numi merge poarta cu comanda?Imi da 26 eror

Guest visanadrian


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    • By ItzGabi2k
      Nu imi merg comenzile:
      /shopinfo, /normalshop, /vipcars, extrapackshop
      YCMD:shopinfo(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 0; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:normalshop(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 1; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:vipcars(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 2; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:extrapackshop(playerid, params[], help) { ShopType[ playerid ] = 3; ShowShop( playerid ); return true; }
      YCMD:shop(playerid, params[], help) {
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Comanda de /shop a fost schimbata:");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Shop Info:     /shopinfo");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Normal Shop: /normalshop");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}V.I.P Cars:  /vipcars");
          SCM(playerid, COLOR_PURPLE, ">> {FFFFFF}Extra Packs: /extrapackshop");
          return true;
    • By GabyRo.off
      salut ma puteti ajuta sa rezolv aceste erori?
      [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified
      [cmd: ['pawncc.exe', 'C:\\Users\\Gaby\\Desktop\\rised\\gamemodes\\muitzaRazvan.pwn', '-oC:\\Users\\Gaby\\Desktop\\rised\\gamemodes/muitzaRazvan', '-;+', '-v2', '-d3', '-Z+', '-\\)+']]
      [dir: C:\Users\Gaby\Desktop\rised\gamemodes]
      [path: C:/Users/Gaby/Desktop/rised/pawno]
    • By GamerulFOX
      Salut ! Nu merge o verificare ! Daca acel player, are acei bani, ii ofera mesajul "Acel jucator nu are suficienti lei pentru a platii amenda" ! Ce am facut gresit ?

      CMD:amenda(playerid, params[])
          new id, amenda, string[256], Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];
          GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));
          GetPlayerPos(id, x, y, z);
          if(fPolitie[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "Nu esti din factiunea 'Politie' !");
          if(sscanf(params, "ud", id, amenda)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xff0000FF, "/amenda <playerid/name> <amount>");
          if(!IsPlayerConnected(id) || id == INVALID_PLAYER_ID) return SCM(playerid, 0xff0000FF, "Acel jucator nu este conectat!");
          if(!IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 2.0, x, y ,z)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xff0000FF, "Nu esti langa acel player!");
          if(GetPlayerMoney(id) != amenda) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xff0000FF, "Acel jucator nu are suficienti lei pentru a platii amenda!");
          GivePlayerMoney(id, -amenda);
          format(string, sizeof(string), "Ai fost amendat de politistul %s!", name);
          SendClientMessage(id, 0x00aeffFF, string);
          return 1;
    • By xLinix96
      Salut, asta este prima mea postare pe aceasta comunitate, astazi vreau sa va arat cum sa creati o comanda /flymode, stiu ca este o comanda foarte simpla, dar sunt unii incepatori care nu stiu sa o faca.
      Pentru inceput aveti nevoie de un include.
      #include <fly>
      Il gasiti aici: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/289d6c8fdf/
      Acum vom face comanda:
      CMD:fly(playerid, params[])
          if(gPlayerLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTRED, "Trebuie sa te comenctezi."); // aici verificam daca esti conectat
              if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] >= 1) // aici punem nivelul de admin necesar pentru a folosii comanda.
                  new sendername[30],string[256];
                  if(flymode[playerid] == 0)
                      GetPlayerName(playerid, sendername, sizeof(sendername)); // aici obtinem numele adminuui.
                      togfind[playerid] = 0;
                      flymode[playerid] = 1;
                      format(string,sizeof(string),"{DFF230}%s este acum in modul fly-mode.", sendername); 
                      SetPlayerHealthEx(playerid, 10000000); // aici setam hp-ul.
                      GetPlayerName(playerid, sendername, sizeof(sendername)); // iar de aici oprim fly-ul.
                      togfind[playerid] = 1;
                      flymode[playerid] = 0;
                      format(string,sizeof(string),"{F89AD6}Ai oprit fly-mode-ul", sendername);
                      SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREEN, string);
                      SetPlayerHealthEx(playerid, 100); // 
              else return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, AdminOnly);
          return 1;
      Sper ca v-am ajutat, nu este cine site ce sistem.
    • By FlobertRO
      Cum pot schimba o comanda de tipul "strcmp" in "cmd" ? un exemplu daca se poate, multumesc <3
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