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problema teleport



Am facut un teleport si imi da 2 warnuri :

C:\Users\Raul\Documents\Dark Stunt New Version\gamemodes\ds.pwn(1226) : warning 217: loose indentation

C:\Users\Raul\Documents\Dark Stunt New Version\gamemodes\ds.pwn(1247) : warning 217: loose indentation

Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright © 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

2 Warnings.

uitati si teleportul:

Linia 1226 if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/ls", true))




    SetVehiclePos(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid), 1480.3633,-1613.4445,14.0393);

SetVehicleZAngle(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid), 0.0);

LinkVehicleToInterior(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid), 0);




    SetPlayerPos(playerid, 1480.3633,-1613.4445,14.0393);

SetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, 0.0);


SetPlayerInterior(playerid, 0);

SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTBLUE, " Bun venit in orasul Los Santos!");

GetPlayerName(playerid, pName, sizeof(pName));

format(string, sizeof(string), " %s a mers la LS (/ls)", pName);

SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_YELLOW, string);

return 1;


Linia 1247 if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/sc", true))

Dark StunT New Version => 60%

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am facuto iar acum nu mai porneste serverul si da crashul asta :


SA-MP Server: 0.3c R2

Exception At Address: 0x004A4F64


EAX: 0x00000000 EBX: 0x00000400 ECX: 0x00000100 EDX: 0x7EFEFEFF

ESI: 0x00000000 EDI: 0x035C7370 EBP: 0x000001F5 ESP: 0x0018FD28

EFLAGS: 0x00010216


+0000: 0x02CD0020  0x01F3C610  0x035C7370  0x0047D14B

+0010: 0x035C7370  0x00000000  0x00000400  0x01EA8778

+0020: 0x00000000  0x0018FD80  0x0357750C  0x000001F5

+0030: 0x0048850E  0x42480000  0x43D38000  0x00000000

+0040: 0x01EA8778  0x01EA8778  0x03539010  0x02CD0020

+0050: 0x00000000  0x0356C58C  0x0353D6A4  0x00401096

+0060: 0x01EA8778  0x0357750C  0x035589B0  0x00402BB3

+0070: 0x01EA8778  0x0000001D  0x0018FDB8  0x0357750C

+0080: 0x004F62C0  0x01EA8778  0x00000001  0x00000000

+0090: 0x000001F4  0x0001EB5C  0x0001EB5C  0x0001EB78

+00A0: 0x0001AB7C  0x0001EB6C  0x0001AB7C  0x03539010

+00B0: 0x035589B0  0x00000000  0x035382F0  0x0001F9A0

+00C0: 0x00483EC4  0x01EA8778  0x0018FE00  0x00000008

+00D0: 0x01FD8F70  0xFFFFFFFF  0x00000008  0x01FD8F70

+00E0: 0x00498F52  0x004F62C0  0x004C174D  0x01FD8B39

+00F0: 0xFFFFFFFF  0x00000000  0x01EA8778  0x0018FEA4

+0100: 0x004B4DB8  0xFFFFFFFF  0x00498391  0x00000001

+0110: 0x00000000  0x00001DB1  0x0018FF88  0x7EFDE000

+0120: 0x0001E000  0x00010101  0x0000000C  0x00001E61

+0130: 0x000000A0  0x00000408  0x01FD8F70  0x656D6167

Dark StunT New Version => 60%

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