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SQLite format a big string...(lam fakt din nou ca vechiul a fost sters)



salls...am vazut ca multe posturi au fost sterse si cel care lam fakt inainte de a se inchide sa-mp.ro(perioada asta)

deci aici la SQLite, la OnPlayerDisconnect am asta:

format(Query, sizeof(Query), "UPDATE `ClanStats` SET (`ClanKills` = '%d', `ClanDeaths` = '%d') WHERE `ClanName` = '%s'",P_DATA[playerid][ClanKills], P_DATA[playerid][ClanDeaths]);
	db_free_result(db_query(Database, Query));
	format(Query, sizeof(Query), "UPDATE `ClanMembers` SET (`Member1` = '%s', `Member2` = '%s', `Member3` = '%s', `Member4` = '%s', `Member5` = '%s', `Member6` = '%s', `Member7` = '%s', `Member8` = '%s', `Member9` = '%s', `Member10` = '%s') WHERE `ClanSef` = '%s'", P_DATA[[playerid][Member1], P_DATA[[playerid][Member2], P_DATA[[playerid][Member3], P_DATA[[playerid][Member4], P_DATA[[playerid][Member5], P_DATA[[playerid][Member6], P_DATA[[playerid][Member7], P_DATA[[playerid][Member8], P_DATA[[playerid][Member9], P_DATA[[playerid][Member10], P_DATA[playerid][ClanSef]);
	db_free_result(db_query(Database, Query));
	return 1;

si imi da errorile ca formatul al doile este prea lung, si as vrea sa il scurtez...dar nu prea stiu cum...

Fara reclama in semnatura!

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Guest farse

Il obligi sa aiba doar 10 membrii?Puteai sa le iei ID-urile primare din DB la fiecare si sa le idexezi intr-o variabila(gen:P_DATA[playerid][Members]="0,10,30,50,70" si cand aveai nevoie de numele lor SELECT `name` FROM `members` WHERE `Sef`='%s'" ,eh ,fa cum vrei :) )

P_DATA[[playerid][Member1], P_DATA[[playerid][Member2]

de ce P_DATA[[playerid][Member1], ? eh,il pot face in 2 linii

format(Query, sizeof(Query), "UPDATE `ClanMembers` SET (`Member1` = '%s', `Member2` = '%s', `Member3` = '%s', `Member4` = '%s', `Member5` = '%s',P_DATA[playerid][Member1], P_DATA[playerid][Member2], P_DATA[playerid][Member3], P_DATA[playerid][Member4], P_DATA[playerid][Member5]);
format(Query, sizeof Query , "%s`Member6` = '%s', `Member7` = '%s', `Member8` = '%s', `Member9` = '%s', `Member10` = '%s') WHERE `ClanSef` = '%s'",Query,  P_DATA[playerid][Member6], P_DATA[playerid][Member7], P_DATA[playerid][Member8], P_DATA[playerid][Member9], P_DATA[playerid][Member10], P_DATA[playerid][ClanSef])

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