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Această bibliotecă implementează analogi de nativs convenționali, cum ar fi SetPlayerSkin sau SetVehicleNumber, numai cu capacitatea de a le aplica la un anumit jucător,puteți face cu, să zicem, cele existente , CreateExplosion cu CreateExplosionForPlayer. Unele dintre aceste funcții le vedem în YSF și SKY, dar acolo acestea sunt prezentate în număr foarte mic. Acest includ permite o realizare mai largă a ideilor tale. :)

Lista funcțiilor noi
* SetPlayerGravity(playerid, Float:gravity)
* SetPlayerNameForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, const name[])
* SetPlayerSkillLevelForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, skill, level)
* SetPlayerFightingStyleForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, style)
* SetPlayerTeamForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, teamid)
* SetPlayerSkinForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, skinid)
* ApplyAnimationForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, const animlib[], const animname[], Float:fDelta, loop, lockx, locky, freeze, time)
* ClearAnimationsForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid)
* SetPlayerChatBubbleForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, const text[], color, Float:drawdistance, expiretime)
* SetAttachedObjectForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, index, modelid, bone, Float:fOffsetX = 0.0, Float:fOffsetY = 0.0, Float:fOffsetZ = 0.0, Float:fRotX = 0.0, Float:fRotY = 0.0, Float:fRotZ = 0.0, Float:fScaleX = 1.0, Float:fScaleY = 1.0, Float:fScaleZ = 1.0, materialcolor1 = 0, materialcolor2 = 0)
* RemoveAttachedObjectForPlayer(playerid, forplayerid, index)
* ChangeVehicleColorForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, color1, color2)
* ChangeVehiclePaintjobForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, paintjobid)
* AddVehicleComponentForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, componentid)
* RemoveVehicleComponentForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, componentid)
* LinkVehicleToInteriorForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, interiorid)
* SetVehicleNumberPlateForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, const numberplate[])
* SetVehicleHealthForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, Float:health)
* UpdateVehDamageStatusForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, panels, doors, lights, tires)
* RepairVehicleForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid)
* SetVehiclePosForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z)
* SetVehicleZAngleForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, Float:z_angle)
* SetVehicleVelocityForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z)
* SetVehicleAngVelocityForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z)
* AttachTrailerToVehicleForPlayer(playerid, trailerid, vehicleid)
* DetachTrailerFromVehForPlayer(playerid, vehicleid)


Pentru acest include avem nevoie de Pawn.RakNet


I N C L U D E 


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