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[FS] Hallowen Zombie Script


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Descriere: commands: ALL ARE RCON ADMIN COMANDS!!!!!
/zo (creates a zombie looking at you)
/zstart (makes zombies to chase you or another player if you add an ID)
/zstop (To make them stop)
/zspeed (to change its speed) (normal = 5)
/ztimerspeed (to change the timer speed)
/vaiven (to change the angle of walking (to improbe animation))
/ApocalipsisON (to start APOCALIPSIS MODE! see notes below)
/ApocalipsisOFF (to stop APOCALIPSIS MODE! see notes below)
/zSetWeaponSet (to select the weapons set the player will spawn with during apocalipsis)
/zGetWeapon [weapon id] (to get a weapon)
/zGiveWeaponForAll [weapon id] (to give all the players a weapons)
/zcantZombies (to set the amount of zombies 1-30 PLEASE STOP APOCALIPSIS BEFORE THIS!!!!)
/ambient (to set the time and weather)
/www [weatherid] (to set weatther)
/ttt [hour] (to set the hour)

NOTE: When you enter Apocalipsis mode all players will loose their money and weapon, even after respawning or even if the enter the server after apocalipsis have started, after apocalipsis have ended, ppl will get their weapon and money back.

If someone kills a zombie Human team will gain a point. If a zombie kills someones, zombie teams will get a point.


Zombies are infinite.

Zombies will follow ppl EVERYWHERE in fact, YOU CAN'T SCAPE FROM THEM! (you can hide inside interiors BUT YOU CAN'T SCAPE)

Zombies will spawn in random unspected places.

Zombies will loose parts if shooted with shootguns katanas or chainsaws

Zombies will walk slowly if they loose a leg

Zombies will join forces and hit harder

Zombies will ambush you

Zombies will not die if rolled over with a car, but will get slowed (at ITS FUN!)

To change WEAPON range wide and damage go to line 36 you WILL understand it
To change WEAPON SET go to line 95.


For version 1.3 & 1.2 read below!

/zo (creates a zombie looking at you)
/zstart (makes the last zombie to chase you)
/zstop To make it stop
/zspeed (to change its speed) (normal = 5)
/ztimerspeed (to change the timer speed)
/vaiven (to change the random waving angle, to make it look like walking, try /vaiven 30)(only v1.2)

New version! (1.3)

In this version:

You can have up to 15 zombies chasing you! (zombies have random speed)
If you use "/zstart [playerid]" the zombies will chase that player instead of you!
Zombies WILL kill you (in fact acording to a bug, they will kill more more than once per time :P )
Now /zstop WILL stop the zombies in their position
Zombies can't kill you if you are inside a car.

Imagini: -
Descarcare: PWN : (v 1.4) http://pastebin.com/f3a349bc1

PWN : (v 1.3) http://pastebin.com/m7b760fc8

PWN : (v 1.2) http://pastebin.com/f3385e7bc
AMX : (v 1.2) http://www.MegaShare.com/388557 (thanks to ALEXALEX303)
PWN : (v 1.2) http://www.MegaShare.com/388553 (thanks to ALEXALEX303)


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