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Sublime text problem



Am si eu o problema, cand compilez un gm burned sau adaug un progress bar cv 

D:\DinC\Desktop\gamemodes\L-GM.pwn(42) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file

cand compilez cu pawn citeste, dc?

Apropo, pawn cu care compileaza sublime am incercat sa-l sterg si sa-l pun pe asta, dar la fel tot  nu citeste

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      Salut, Am si eu o problema, daca se pricepe cineva poate ma ajuta si pe mine. 
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      "Some functions are enabled on your server which have the potential to cause serious damage to your community or server. If you are in a shared hosting environment, some of these functions may bypass the restrictions which prevent one account on the server affecting another. Their presence also increases the amount of damage that could be caused if your AdminCP is compromised.
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      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(65972) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(65973) : error 004: function "AdministratorMessage" is not implemented
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(65975) : error 004: function "AdministratorMessage" is not implemented
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      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(65982) : error 004: function "AdministratorMessage" is not implemented
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(65984) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66008) : error 017: undefined symbol "SendErrorMessage"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66014) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66018) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66019) : error 004: function "AdministratorMessage" is not implemented
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66021) : error 004: function "AdministratorMessage" is not implemented
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66025) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66027) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66028) : error 004: function "AdministratorMessage" is not implemented
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66030) : error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNameEx"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66037) : error 017: undefined symbol "policecap"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66037) : warning 215: expression has no effect
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66037) : error 001: expected token: ";", but found "]"
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\Desktop\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66037) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero
      C:\Users\BOGDAN\GM\gamemodes\frank.pwn(66037) : fatal error 107: too many error messages on one line
      Compilation aborted.Pawn compiler 3.2.3664              Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

      23 Errors.
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