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Runtime error



Buna ziua. Cand incerc sa pornesc serverul pe localhost primesc runtime.

[11:05:36] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[11:05:36] [debug]  Accessing element at index 20 past array upper bound 19
[11:05:36] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[11:05:36] [debug] #0 0009db6c in public zcmd_OnGameModeInit () at C:UsersDellDesktopKroNix RPGgamemodeskronix.pwn:13169
[11:05:36] [debug] #1 native CallLocalFunction () [00473050] from samp-server.exe
[11:05:36] [debug] #2 0000a648 in public SSCANF_OnGameModeInit () at C:UsersDellDesktopKroNix RPGpawnoincludezcmd.inc:68
[11:05:36] [debug] #3 00003cec in public Itter_OnGameModeInit () at C:UsersDellDesktopKroNix RPGpawnoincludesscanf2.inc:174
[11:05:36] [debug] #4 native CallLocalFunction () [00473050] from samp-server.exe
[11:05:36] [debug] #5 00002fa4 in public ScriptInit_OnGameModeInit () at C:UsersDellDesktopKroNix RPGpawnoincludeYSIy_iterate.inc:791
[11:05:36] [debug] #6 00001c20 in public PZone_OnGameModeInit () at C:UsersDellDesktopKroNix RPGpawnoincludeYSIinternal..y_scriptinit.inc:171
[11:05:36] [debug] #7 native CallLocalFunction () [00473050] from samp-server.exe
[11:05:36] [debug] #8 00001850 in public OnGameModeInit () at C:UsersDellDesktopKroNix RPGpawnoincludeplayerzone.inc:429
[11:05:36] Script loaded - KroNix v0.1 BETA
[11:05:36] Number of vehicle models: 0

// Edit: Am incercat sa compilez cu -d3 si am primit asta.


Am inlocuit includurile si pluginurile, mi-am instalat Net framework, am adaugat in folder msvcr120 si msvcr110.. Nu stiu de la ce sa fie. Ma puteti ajuta?

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