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intrebare cu o comanda



Deci am comanda /minievent

Eventu cu servieta

vreau sa fac comanda sa fie automata la 30 de minute sa puna cate o servieta

nu sa pun eu cu comanda


if(strcmp(cmd, "/minievent", true) == 0 || strcmp(cmd, "/sme", true) == 0)
             if (PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] >= 5)
			    IsGameStarted = 1;
			    new str[128];
			    new rand = random(sizeof(CashboxLocations));
			    CashboxValue = MinCashboxValue+random(MaxCashboxValue-MinCashboxValue);
			    CashboxPickup = CreatePickup(1210, 3, CashboxLocations[rand][0], CashboxLocations[rand][1], CashboxLocations[rand][2]);
			    CashboxX = CashboxLocations[rand][0];
			    CashboxY = CashboxLocations[rand][1];
			    CashboxZ = CashboxLocations[rand][2];
			    format(str, 128, "O servieta plina cu %d dolari, este undeva in San Andreas!", CashboxValue);
			    SendClientMessageToAll(0xFFD700AA, str);
			    format(str, 128, "Scrie /servieta pentru a vedea locatia ei!", CashboxValue);
			    SendClientMessageToAll(0xFFD700AA, str);
              SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_DBLUE, "   nu esti autorizat sa folosesti aceasta comanda!");
         return 1;

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