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[MAP]xSky Races (Adrenaline+Xtreme+Fun)-Check it out!!

Guest Zh3r0

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Guest Zh3r0


This map have a lot of roads, They are placed in the air

I have created it but some ideas for [M]Mave's Server (**XSU**)--[M]Mave's Server ip: Enjoy he's server

This map is placed in the Desert  8) 8)

~~I have maked them with Y_Objects~~

Lines: 516

Vehicles: 9                                   

Objects: 268                                 

Commands: 13                             

Weather: 2

World Time: 12

Map Name: Xsky Races

Creator: Zh3r0

Time Taken To Make The Map: 5 hours


33267.jpeg  33271.jpeg  33272.jpeg  33274.jpeg  33278.jpeg

33280.jpeg  33283.jpeg  33285.jpeg


^^^^^Teleport Command: /xSkyraces

*** /nrg (This command spawn a NRG-500)

*** /cheetah (This command spawn a Cheetah)

*** /supergt (This command spawn a Super GT)

*** /infernus (This command spawn a Infernus)

*** /flipv (This command flip you vehicle)

*** /nos (This command add nos to your car)-[Creditz goes to [Fackin']Luke]

*** /chute (This command gives you an parachute)

*** /fix (Thsi command restore the vehicle's health)

*** /heal (This command heal you)

*** /kill (This command kill you)

*** /clearchat (Ths command clear the chatbox)

^^^^^A List Of This Commands: /xskyhelp






.AMX+.PWN==>Here.png--|deLUXClick'n Host|





***Thx to [Fackin']Luke for the perfect Nos system

***Thx to [M]Mave for the Ideas :D

***Thx to me :roll:

I hope you will like it ;) and have a nice Play

Please if you like it or download it..Post comments :D

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    • By Mecanicul
      stock checkadmin(level)
          foreach(new x : Player)
              if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < level) 
                  SCM(x, COLOR_LIGHTGREEN3, "You are not allowed to use this command.");
          return true;
      Vreau sa fac un stock pentru verificarea admin sa nu scriu de fiecare data la comanda if(playerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 6) return SCM etc etc
      vreau sa imi fie mai usor, stock-ul merge, tu ca player nu merge sa folosesti comanda, dar imi arata mesajul, dar si sintaxa.
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      [00:51:13] Failed to load 'gamemodes/B-HOOD.amx' script.
      [00:51:13] Number of vehicle models: 0
      [00:51:24] [debug] Server crashed due to an unknown error
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      [00:51:24] [debug] #8 f5e6808e in ?? () from plugins/streamer.so
      [00:51:24] [debug] #9 080a73a9 in ?? () from ./samp03svr
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      [00:51:24] [debug] #12 080aef02 in ?? () from ./samp03svr
      [00:51:24] [debug] #13 080aa13a in ?? () from ./samp03svr
      [00:51:24] [debug] #14 f745d2d3 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6
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