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    Salutare tuturor! Plictisindu-ma am decis sa creez si sa va ofer un speedometer cat de cat original. Poze: <CLICK> Download 1: <CLICK> (pastebin) Download 2: <CLICK> (mediafire)
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    Vreau sa cumpar asta, cat ma costa =]]]
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    Recomand gazduirejocuri.
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    Sistem Event v2.0 INFO: Un sistem event , atunci cand un admin da /startevent pe server playerii serverului pot da /joinevent sa se duca la event , vor primi freeze pana da adminul /inchideevent. COMENZI: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Deagle Event]: /startdevent | /inchidedevent | /joindevent [Molotov Event]: /startmcevent | /inchidemcevent | /joinmcevent [Grenade Event]: /startgevent | /inchidegevent | /joingevent [baseball Event]: /startbbevent | /inchidebbevent | /joinbbevent [sMG Event]: /startsmgevent | /inchidesmgevent | /joinsmgevent [shotGun Event]: /startcsevent | /inchidecsevent | /joincsevent" [unarmed Event]: /startevent | /inchideevent | /joinevent ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POZE/VIDEO : Nu am inca... Download: http://hotupload.eu/U6p http://solidfiles.com/d/6a39/ Sper sa va placa si sa il folositi pe serverul vostru ! NU STERGETI CREDITILE BY andu & shower
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